About Navin Mistry.

Navin Mistry is an Artist who shares a great passion for the fine arts, fashion & editorial photography, combining his passion with art from a young age lead him to becoming a contemporary story teller in the wedding industry. Navin has been shooting weddings for over a decade reaching clients from all around the world making him one of the most exclusive international wedding photographers from London.

Navin aims to capture every important moment of your wedding day from the key rituals that take place to reading your guest's emotions, bringing true photojournalistic storytelling to life when flicking through your wedding pictures. Capturing relationships in a timeless manner is a skill and these are the moments you look back on shedding tears of happiness or smiling away with your loved ones. Navin's attention to detail and ability to push the boundaries in any given situation gives his images a creative flare which makes his work stand out and keeps his clients engaged to their story.

Navin would love to hear more about your wedding events.

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“From the moment we spoke to Navin we knew he was the photographer we wanted to capture our special day. His passion for his art and friendly personality was most important to us. During a stressful year he was one of our most flexible and accomadating suppliers who understood what we were going through and we can't thank him enough. He is not only a supplier but now a friend whom we hope to keep in touch with for years to come.”